Path 2 : Yoga & meditation

The path of yoga (and meditation)

Yoga literally means "Union" union of what?

Union of my life energies, with what I refer to as not me. when I say life energies I am talking about the 4th body- The energetic body.

The path of Yoga includes meditations, that's where the technologies of meditation started.

I practice Yoga and meditation for 12 years, making it my longest practice yet.

The path of yoga was developed for thousands of years in Ashrams and temples, then to be brought to the general public by sages and gurus, incepting the technology into the mainstream, we can still enjoy today from the fruits of their labor as yoga spreads throughout the world.

The benefits of walking this path are numerous, but what are the "problems" with it ? After the initial level of practice, to go "serious" on this path you need to live in an Ashram, then it works. if you have seen someone that has been in an ashram for many years and then in the western world, he still carries the ashram culture as a personal culture bubble. As its own technology, disconnected from an ashram and a true guru (like Sadhguru and others) I found this technology not as sustainable by itself. Living in Modern culture territory, even if on the edge, we need an edge, to keep our self-evolution process, and not get sucked in into the ordinary, there comes in the emotional Body. the feeling/emotional body (the 3rd body) is what carries us in working on the edge of ourselves surrounded by modern culture. 

And that's exactly the need I have had to find the 4th path.

If you are on the 5th path, and playing with 2nd path technologies, here are some possibilities for you.


Finding a  true Guru discovery call

How to know who is a real Guru ?

how to be on the 5 path and still practice yoga or meditation. 

what is the problem with the 2nd path ? 

for more question 

ask for a discovery call about this.


Beyond mindfullness
discovery call

Mindfulness is a big thing today, also "being in the moment" and other phrases like that, seem like there are deeper distinctions hidden beyond that work.

if you come to a beyond mindfulness session in a group or private

you can learn about tools, and ways to use them with new technologies from the 5th path

Past masters on the 2nd path

Hard to say I would have come so far without them

and cannot forget to mention them with a big sense of gratitude, my mentors for the 1st path.



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My guru and teacher, I learned so much from, i couldn't say I was here today without him.

he launched me on the 4th path because his extended vision of yoga is already brought yoga to be the 4th path. thank you dear sadhguru.

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Osho made me fall in love with him, and fall in love with his beautiful path, with many books, and discourses, he manage to deliver a special unique experience of life, like the blossoming of a precious flower.


Omshankar yogi

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Om was one of the yoga teachers i met and practiced with in India. 

in 2 different years, I choose to come back to learn from him. because he had a special unique take on yoga and life. i got much from him!