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Second paths :

Western Yoga & meditation

Classic self-Development

Social development

Paths that are sensual, mean the uniformity of the one paths becomes split into detailing.

Like we have a few senses, the 2nd path is

no longer holds one truth and breaks it down to a variability of essences.

In Self development, for example, you do whatever needs to be done to "Improve" yourself, rig yourself with new ways of thinking, work on your body, and learn to be "successful" .

There are a variety of directions on that path.

In Western Yoga and meditation, people 

took the one path of yoga and split it into many variations and practices.

In the social development path, you build circles in different directions to enhance your life,

each kind of circle has a different flavor to it

that ultimately will unite to the cause of enhancing you.

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Self-development onlin course 
(in Hebrew)

For 7 years I was on the 2nd path mastering western Yoga, Self-development, and social circle building, 

The result was an online course in Hebrew, 

welcome to check out the website


Recontextualize your porpuse

Change of what we think is our purpose can change our results and can change the way the world is treating us.

What am I here for ? 

Where this is going ? 

Everyone needs to do this often ! 

find out more in a discovery call



how to make your social circles, connections, and relationships work for you, when you operate outside the norm of modern culture.

How to meet people, say what is authentic for me, jump over social challenges, avoiding low drama, being unhookable, navigating spaces, using your conscious asshole, and much more.


Social circle

Creating your dream social circle is an art of its own, whether is to develop your clients as a coach or other business owners, or just to have great friends, mentors, and people you care about in your circle.

playing with this skill gives tremendous results, that affected my whole life.

got me to meet and be friends with some of my mentors, and to have unimagined opportunities offered to me by friends on the path

Past masters on the 2nd path

Hard to say I would have come so far without them

and cannot forget to mention them with a big sense of gratitude, my mentors for the 1st path.


Tony robbins

  • YouTube

If you ever being in a Tony Robbins seminar, you know the power of share emotional enthusiasm combined with 

self- empowerment tecnics


Julian blanc


Julian blanc, broke through the social conditioning paradigms and manage to teach, how to be free, and let go, in an era where shaming and Politicly correctness culture would have people jailed in their minds.

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Noah Hammond Tyrrell

  • YouTube

Noah, my dear, was the first video i ever discover in self-development, in my most dark low depression in my life during university, he shoved wind in my sails. buying is online program was probably the thing that influenced my life the most


Owen cook

  • YouTube

Owen cook, A thinker, and a world-class speaker made his life work about introducing different social paragaigm and breaking through depression and social conditioning, he teaches also by example hows success is connected with building a team around one's passion and business.


charlie houpert

  • YouTube

Charlie, from charisma on command,

youtube channel signifies for me many teachers that brought to life different aspects of social life.

  • YouTube

Social circle master, that broke all the rules and what is known to be possible, while operating inside desires of modern culture, luke has some of the most advance paradigms on how to offer value in a social environment,

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