Path 3 : Social development game 

The path of social playfulness

This path is rather unfamiliar and had a lot of beautiful moments for me.

in the basis of it stands the process of unconditional from "social conditioning", which means to change the mind about any social beliefs, habits, stories, that one had.

This path showed me, there is nothing in this world I cant get without a lot of work on my social development because everything we do in the world involves other people.

A big concept coming from this work, that has shifted a lot of things for me, is taking life or development as a game. 

In other words not taking it too seriously, and how to enjoy the process of developing, easy to say hard to implement, that what caused this path to be a fully technological path of its own, because no other path has the playfulness factor dialed down as much, so it hits the core and vibrate with the rest of the distinctions.

When you are on the social Development game path, you are on the social paradigm of life, there is different ecstasy, different needs, and challenges from the ordinary life process. the reword can be imense,

but the problem is its focused on people. then you realize that people are not everything in life.

If you are on the 5th path, and playing with 3rd path technologies, here are some possibilities for you.



how to make your social circles, connections, and relationships work for you, when you operate outside the norm of modern culture.

How to meet people, say what is authentic for me, jump over social challenges, avoiding low drama, being unhookable, navigating spaces, using your conscious asshole, and much more.


Social circle

Creating your dream social circle is an art of its own, whether is to develop your clients as a coach or other business owners, or just to have great friends, mentors, and people you care about in your circle.

playing with this skill gives tremendous results, that affected my whole life.

got me to meet and be friends with some of my mentors, and to have unimagined opportunities offered to me by friends on the path

Past  teachers on the 3nd path

Hard to say I would have come so far without them

and cannot forget to mention them with a big sense of gratitude, my teachers on the 2nd path.


Owen cook

  • YouTube

Owen cook, A thinker, and a world-class speaker made his life work about introducing different social paragaigm and breaking through depression and social conditioning, he teaches also by example hows success is connected with building a team around one's passion and business.


Julian blanc


Julian blanc, broke through the social conditioning paradigms and manage to teach, how to be free, and let go, in an era where shaming and Politicly correctness culture would have people jailed in their minds.


charlie houpert

  • YouTube

Charlie, from charisma on command,

youtube channel signifies for me many teachers that brought to life different aspects of social life.

  • YouTube

Social circle master, that broke all the rules and what is known to be possible, while operating inside desires of modern culture, luke has some of the most advance paradigms on how to offer value in a social environment,