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Out-door coaching  Adventure/ men circle

* High-level fun * adventure *new possibilities and tools

  • 1 hour
  • Custom price

Service Description

The invitation here is to do all kinds of wild activities, because we are getting a rare opportunity to work with all 4 bodies :  physical body: we can go on a hike, trek, surfing session (I also teach ) cycling, longboarding, swimming, diving, nature survival, camping, HORSE RIDING, and so on..  at the same time, we can bring our other bodies to work emotional body: feel the emotions that come up while on the adventure and play with them, until we have a successful experience in the new challenge, like surfing on the wave the first time.  we gonna use this experience then in other fields we have challenges with Intellectual body: use different methods and tools of thinking, to overcome the challenges we are facing at the adventure. It's not only if I decide to take the left path in the fork in the road, but it is also why I choose that, and how my mind works. getting feedback and coaching around that have changed my life and many other people that I work with. Energetical body: this can be anything from using the elemental forces of nature to balance our main elements. or going deeper into energetical practices, we leave this one for more advanced people for now. ​ ​ place of meeting - outside: beach, local hike, trek, road trip. ​ time:  half a day-day ​ Investment : costume

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