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Next culture Healing-process

Dealing with stuck emotion/s from the past

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 80€-150€

Service Description

The healing process​ Includes us sitting and communicating with words. we pick a safe and quiet place for us to be (even online ).  The process starts with me asking "What can I do for you today ?" The client then explains what challenge/Problem is he or she facing. From there anything is possible, usually, the next things are involved : ​ *I give new tools and distinctions​ *The client to connect to his conscious feelings (or learns how to) *The client experience the feelings and get emotional clarity (not intellectual understandings ) on where are they coming from *Then sometimes new decisions are made, or some pleasant emotional/ energetic change accrues.  ​ **The process is fully conscious responsible and aware (there is no hypnotic/voodoo stuff involved.) ​ Clients usually Report an Improvement of the Emotional state they came with and an endlessly  beneficial effect for their transformation journey  ​ WHERE: Online / Offline - my house, the client's house, or another safe place. ​ DURATION:  anything between 30 min to-1.5 hours INVESTMENT : sliding scale of between  80-150 euros

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