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Next-Culture Coaching

No one can stop you from going into the Next level in your life, No one can do it for you.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 80€ -150€

Service Description

In a single coaching session, the client comes with a Challenge she or he needs help with: it can be in any field: relationship, career, social circle, romantic, self-development, body, emotions, thoughts, energies. and we go on a journey together to get new possibilities to work on that problem. "if there is a will there's a way"  Usually, when a problem is tattooed in your mind for a long time you decided that there are no other options to deal with that problem. in the art of managing new possibilities I helped many people find a new way that is "winning happening"  a win for them to solve the problem, a win for their environment when they feel better, and a win for my- for the honor to hold space and navigate it to a place where new possibilities are found. ​ place of coaching - outside: park, cafe, beach. or inside: house, studio, ZOOM Duration :  40min- 1.5 hours, Investment : Sliding scale of 80-150 euro

Contact Details

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