Path 1 : Self Development

The path that is about self-mastery

The big "problem"  with this path is that it operating mostly within the context of modern culture.

Very few Self-development companies and mentors are playing outside of it.

Before I went "deep" on this path, most of what I heard was: how to get rich, how to get a better career, a better body, better style, and more and more.

It was like listening to a new genre in music, the music sounds great, I seem to like it, but kinda felt I don't know the real beautiful artist there just yet.

If you are on this path: I added some "Artists" that I have explored over the years down below. and to 

take in mind the fact, that most of them teach you to be "successful" inside the rules and 'gameworld' of

modern culture, which is not bad or good, just limited.

If you playing on the 1st path without being in the context of modern culture, but taking in the 5th path context, or in other words: you are on the 5th path using 1st path technology, here are some possibilities you can play in.




Surfing can work on the whole 5 bodies not only 

the physical one.

Surfing can be high-level fun

and at the same time 

A source of Emotional food, Energetic bliss, and intellectual challenge.

"see you in the sea,

Im gone surfing"


Ourdoor workout session

Most of the coaches I see

disregard the emotional part 

that comes from working with

our body.

whether they are not aware of themselves or simply lack the technology of working with the emotional body, they are leaving gold on the table.

getting healthy, fresh, and lean, can be only the consequence of a nourished emotional system

Past mentors on the 1st path

Hard to say I would have come so far without them

and cannot forget to mention them with a big sense of gratitude, my mentors for the 1st path.


Tony robbins

  • YouTube

If you ever being in a Tony Robbins seminar, you know the power of share emotional enthusiasm combined with 

self- empowerment tecnics


Gary V


Gary V is a marketing genius that you helped me, figuring a lot of bullshir in my strategy of building a business around self development

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Noah Hammond Tyrrell

  • YouTube

Noah, my dear, was the first video i ever discover in self-development, in my most dark low depression in my life during university, he shoved wind in my sails. buying is online program was probably the thing that influenced my life the most