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The "problem" with the 4th path.

One of the things that make me 30 % angry is: in Possibility management, and the "Kabballah" (Jewish 4th path)

Is the lack of regard to the physical body, its almost like there is an untold story, that you need to sacrifice your physical body to cater to the Archetypal body (the 5th body).

there are some attempts and still is no real system for keeping your physical body, fresh, energized, healthy and in "High prana".

of course coming from the context of redial responsibility its ones own responsibility to create the system that he needs for himself.

For example big part of it is ignoring ones hormones, and the huge repercussions of it on the other bodies. being with a body full of youthful hormones,changes and influences the way you think, feel, and act, on your path.

Yes in these 2 paths (Jewish spirituality and possibility management ) there is no real judgments about it either, just a general avoidance, and something like a backhand “put your energy in the right place” kind of attitude.

In yoga movements, while sexuality is almost ignored as well, there is a big emphasis on the Physical body, with a complete system of technology to work on the physical body, for the purpose of ready your body to hide you on the path of enlightenment,

The problem with that is that it guides you well of the path of living in the western world and sends you into an ashram, (or carry with you an Ashram culture into your home) where this technology and context work.

Don’t get me wrong I am fed up with living in the context of modern culture and taking big steps to build the bridges for next-culture, the only thing is- living in the ashram, or in the context of an ashram seems like a choice that would starve my 5th body, my sense of adventure, my creative sense, and my will to evolve.

Gurus talk about enlightenment as something that gives you this explosive sensation that makes the things I mentioned before pale. And I got to taste some different states of consciousness while I was there, but maybe I wasn’t ready to free fall into that, maybe it wasn’t my calling…

And so ends my 4th path. With yoga, with possibility management, and even with my short trip around the Jewish spiritual movement called Kabballah, Osho teachings, and other stuff of that sort.

The best way I can describe this end of a journey on the 4th path is by explaining the term “multi-potential-lite.” in a nutshell. Multipotentialite is someone whose his or her brain works differently, it works not on specializing on one thing, like being an engineer for example. But on many different traits, hence the expression “jack of all trades”.

A brain like that is great at crossing between ideas, rapid learning many new things, and feed of synchronizing between different fields of interest.

For me a Multipotentialite, traveling in the last 10 years through 4 different paths (!) got me to naturally see the synchronicity between all of them. Hence - the 5th path!

Here are the great things about the different 4th paths. And first, let’s name them :

- Possibility management,

- Jewish spiritual movement (not the “religion, or tradition, more like the Kabbala )

- Yoga (not the studio yoga, more like Sadhguru Yoga movement)

- The Sufi movement (at least an example of what was)

-The Essenes (ancient example )

-some I heard about: Gurdjieff, Osho

- and more I probably don’t know about.

SO whats connects all these 4paths and puts them on the 4th path actually?

The common thread is “Radical responsibility” when you are on that path you are set for taking your 5 bodies: Physical, mental, emotional, energetical, and Archetypal, mega-seriously !

Also your outside bodies: Social circle, Tribe, world, environment, solar, universal, and so forth..

In the 5th path - The Adventure path. We combine different technologies from those other paths, for example, we use Yoga Asanas and meditations, taken from Sadhgurus Yoga and studied by him. We take about concepts from the Kabbalah and use possibility management work.

Some (or someone) may say, it’s mixing context, and that’s totally true. Mixing context actually ruins the magic that comes from these different contexts because the magic in them happens only when you put your 5 bodies in the “pot” of the path context, and let go of your hands falling into nothingness. That’s how 4th paths works.

The innovation behind the 5th path is the technology of combining those technologies in the way that works and summoning the magic from the Adventure itself.

Adventure is not a risky holiday vacation you take in Costa Rica, but a bright principle of the world. This means it has its own light and magic, capabilities, truths, and energy once you basket in its guidance.

If you take “Possibility management for example” a path I am deep with for 3 years. The bright principle behind most of the technology is “Possibility”. (even though they know how to summon other bright principles and using them)

The Bright principle behind Sadhgurus yoga is “Union” (Union of energies which is the littoral meaning of the word Yoga) and that is the “line of practice”.

So Yes I am on the 5th path, I coached people on that path, and seen it works, I am still using 4th paths like doing Sadhgurus yoga asanas and meditation, doing possibility management work, and feeding my mind with ideas from Jewish spirituality.

I am still working with the other paths as well, The 1st path, 2cd path, 3rd path. All are included in the journey of the path of adventure.

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