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Forget everything you heard about meditation

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Would you be able to forget everything you've heard about meditation? 馃槂 Would you be open to the idea that real meditation : 1. is not simply sitting with your eyes close. 2.has nothing to do with Mindfulness 3.has power that can't be transmitted in an application (Apps) 馃こ Would you be interested to hear something completely new that can transform your life: 馃寣 1. Give you that aha moment feeling that you get from a great realization about your life, every single day. 2. Change your body, skin, face and even life Energy. 3. Open a new door for you in life if metaphorically you were living in a house that had no doors.

if you speak hebrew im inviting you to a Meditation online course prepared specially for this questions :

if not contact me for a direct answer to your questions about meditation,

at whatsapp number : +972544876246

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