How to surf on your feelings

Hello everyone, I am writing this in a magical Misty Place called

Ericeira,in Portugal, the place where you walk in a small ancient village and think about surfing all day.

Almost every day , there are conditions to surf here, there is only one more consistent surfing spot. You guest it right, your own emotional body, the space of feelings and emotions.

And I will give a distinction about what is the difference between emotions and feelings soon and what it means to surf on them.

I just want to take a minute to share that this space is not about being right or wrong, truth or not, infact i dont think about truths and hope you land in this video with an open mind to experience something new.

This is not going to be a logical explanation but an experminatal journey that means for you to surf on your emotions for the first time and see what happens, and if it works for you.

So I invite you to center yourself. Take a deep breath, blow it out of the mouth, and close your eyes, yes really close them. Let my voice guide you for the next 30 sec,

Scan your emotional body. This means not feeling in your body, like tiredness or headache, and not feelings in your mind like I think that i have a lot of studies to do, also not something in the energetic body, like i am one with the universe, try to focus your attention on your emotional body.

to see what the feeling is?

Let this question resign you, what do you feel right now ?

Take a few more seconds to see what comes up.

Thank you for playing, smile.

Since we were kids, from what I know nobody taught us how to feel, so thank you for playing this high level fun game when you jump into something without knowing how.

Since you can't really share what you feel, I am going to share some options that come up with my travelers, people I work with. And then you can see if it is similar to what came up for you, or you can recognize it from other instances in your life, or if you're a coach, yoga teacher or anything else like this you can take it and recognize it in the people you work with.

Possibility 1. You felt nothing, you closed your eyes, nothing came up.

This doesn't mean you failed, it just means your a bit numb to your feelings, we going to expand on that a bit later, but it first important to distinguish to option 2

Possibility 2. You heard resistance in your mind -

Similar to : this is stupied, this is not working, or a sarcastic joke, or an excuse , i'll do it later, I'm not comtherbale enough, it can be really any voice coming up.

This means that you like most of the people i know have a mechanism in your mind, that prevents you from feeling your feelings, this can be an old story about feelings like :

Feelings are bad, feelings are for weak people, for sissis, for men, or for women, are not to feel anger for example. Feelings are irresponsible, crazy, not necessary, not professional, and so on.

It is like wanting to learn to surf but have the story that water are dangerous and people always drown

For this we need to work with you on the new map of feelings, like the old map of the world- its flat, the new map- its round. Now you're gonna have a new map of feelings and how they can serve you. After that you go back to lesson 1 of surfing your feelings and go in the water.

Possibility 3.

You feel a mixed feeling, something like, vague painful depression, or a cloud of feelings that you don't know what they are, it can also be very intense like overwhelm, panic attack, or burn out. In possibility management people talk about 4 main feelings :

Joy, anger, sadness, and fear, and mixing between 2 or more of them creates the “mixed feeling” for example when i was in uni i felt depression i had sadness mixed with anger, sadness because i felt i am wasting my life, and anger that I didn't have the courage to get out, so there was probably fear mixed there, and at some points joy, which something felt like overwhelmed or burn out.

One process u can do with mixed feelings that almost everyone that learns this kind of surfing does, its unmixing feelings process. Ask me more about it if that's your possibility.

Possibility 4 -

You felt one of those feeling separately : in its pure feeling energy form, no story attached for example :

I am happy to learn about this.

I fear that this video is going to be too short and I am not going to get the food I want.

I felt angry that my roommates left the house dirty.

As you notice in the last example i do feel something with a story but there is not victim story in it ( necessarily - more about it in another time )

If the feeling you had in option 4, moved out of your system after 3 min it is called a feeling

If it was stuck more than that -the whole hour, day,week, month, year, life it is called Emotion.

For stuck emotions that come from our past it is possible to do a next culture healing process.

For a feeling we can say for sure, that you're in your adult state, which means you're an adult connected to your feelings.

Like a surfer, you now surf, with time you can get different skills to help you get better in that, like learning your own personal weather to recognize the right timing to surf, you can know when a feeling is coming and when an emotion so you can ask for an emotional healing process from your team. These EHP are doorways to learn more about yourself and energetically free space for your being.

You can improve your surfing technique with other skills from this world, like being more centered so you can feel. Learn to length your joy , and be the archetypal king of it.

You can learn to use your feeling of fear to give you information and creation magic energy,

You can use your anger to take bigger waves and hold space for yourself to feel in a bigger way,

Or use your sadness to connect with people more.

Circling back to option 1 most of us have a numbness bar, which stand in about 80% or goes down the more we practice feeling

When its in 80 we don't feel any low level feeling, the 50% sadness that our friend is leaving town, the 20% anger at my boss throwing work at me, 10% fear that there i'm not going to fit in with the group, and the 5% joy for sipping fresh orange juice, we miss and sip it without noticing in one big chug focused on something else completely.

Then one day something happens that pushes the feeling above the numbness bar, and then the feeling snaps at 80+%

You know that someone suddenly snaps with rage, from 0-100% with simissly no reason, and start to shout,

Or I am sitting at the psych and suddenly burst with tears. Can't hold it anymore.

That's an expression of unconscious feelings, after they were numb.

When we lower our numbness bar we can also feel at a low level.

I have an experiment for you to learn how to do it, write to me now to my email

And i send you the experiment to lower your numbness bar

Which is step 1 for your work to become a better surfer.

If you want to know more about this you can also visit possibility management website,

Thank you and see you next time. !

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