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Next Culture Coaching

Next Culture Coaching is designed to transfer you from where you are to the next level of where you need to be. 

Need to be because the path doesn't always go the way we want it to go. And you are needed in this world. you are needed to keep on going on your evolution path, even if you, someone else, or even your coach doesn't understand it. 

This is mainly for people that want to take higher responsibility in their lives and already taking a degree of responsibility for themselves. From here, the sky is the limit, 

An abundance of possibilities is on your path:

◌ Better relationships. with your friends, family, and social circles.

◌ Better relationships with the opposite sex, creating deeper, more meaningful intimacy.

◌ More clarity about who you are and what you are here for to do.

◌ More Possibilities on how to make that happen.

◌ Tools and practices to keep you in shape with the challenges ahead, to make them easier for you to cross.

◌ Dispelling the Shadow and uncertainty you have about yourself and different parts of you.

◌ Learning to own in on your wildest, irresponsible, and mischievous parts  that might be blocking you and harness them to your service

◌ Meditation sharp centering state, groundedness, energetic protection, and energetic tools at your service

◌ Healing whatever needs to be Healed.

The way it is Done

Next-Culture Coaching​ Includes us sitting and communicating with words. we pick a safe and quiet place for us to be. We also can go Loud if needed and express emotions.

If the session is online, the client finds a secure place, like his house or car, and connects through zoom.

A small note on the door, "I am doing a conscious theater practice, and im totally okay," can work on calming even noisy worried neighbors. 

The process starts with the Space holder (facilitator) asking the client, "What can I do for you today ?"
The client then describes the challenge/Problem she or he facing.

From there, anything is possible, usually, the next happenings might be involved, but not necessarly :

◌ We open "Maps" From Possibility management that help to create new kind of information that we rely on and shifts are perspective about things.

◌ A centering Process where we ground ourselves and the space (almost like some kind of active 5 min meditation)

◌ We go through an Emotional Healing Process.

◌ We practice new Experiments- Exercises with a certain purpose. 

◌ We just talked to connect more and get more clarity about our work together.

◌ We share "legends" about ourselves, stories that made an impact on our lives.

◌ We try something non-Linear like an Improv theater game, a walk in nature, or a Little adventure outside.

**No analyzing or giving advice takes part; this is not psychology.

Clients usually Report an Improvement of the Emotional state they came with and, later on, a beneficial effect on their transformation journey, more Possibilities on their Path, and better results for what they were dealing with.

DURATION:  A typical Next-Culture Coaching will require from 60 min to 120 minutes from start to finish.

INVESTMENT: sliding scale of between  80-150 euros

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Next Culture' Graduate Dorian stern, Recommends : 

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