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Possibility Management 

This is not a path but a Game-world ! 

 With archetypal Meta technology

In Possibility management  

They figure out the 5 bodies and how they come into play in transformation, they developed their own authentic, unique technology for Initiating people into adulthood, supplying them with the "Thought-ware" they need to keep building "Next-culture"

Possibility Management is a "Gameworld," and that means they are aware of what a path is.. a Gameworld is about transformation.

Once you know how gameworld and paths work, you become conscious of your own path and other paths and can see some nuts and bolts of how they run.

Possibility management is a non-linear game world,

which means it has no beginning and no end,

so you can start from anywhere to play it.

Imagine you stand at the entrance of a huge amusement park, would you ask about the amusement park ? or run inside and start playing ! 

Here are some offers :



the Box

Expand the Box is a life-changing training, in which one is being initiated to adulthood with a team of people ready to shift their lives and build radical responsibility 

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Rage Clubs

this is a 4-6 week, training in which you try to see what happens when you change your story about anger

Anger can serve your professionally and intmiatly to create what you want in life

Space holders on the Meta  path

Hard to say I would have come so far without them

and cannot forget to mention them with a big sense of gratitude, space-holder from Possibility Management.

  • YouTube

The originator of possibility management, 

Clinton, show me what an amusement park a path can be.

I learned so many distinctions, experiments, and experiences from him, that completely changed my life, that I really don't know how to thank him enough.


Talking about Archetypal body, I learned from Anne Clohe' how to connect to mine, by example. 

With a swift sword of clarity and a samurai-like discipline, I experienced Anne Clohe's landing distinctions in many spaces I've been present in. 


Vera franco

  • YouTube

An Evolutionary. in the realm of possibility management and in the world. 

Vera helped me to see and not gaze away, my shadow world, my archetypal body, and much more. she is an inspiration on the path, coaching and healing me with different processes, and hold space for the gameworld possibiltators training. which i am part of


Nicole Hartly Bradford

  • YouTube

Nicole is an Adventure, a space holder, and a Nomadica Nano-Nation 

Team member, she is out there in the world creating healing and transformation

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