Concious Asshole Improvisation Club

*on Zoom-online*
Do you know this moment, when someone stepping over your boundary and you just freeze ?

or when it's time to do this "move" that gonna bring you to the next step, and the "good boy/girl " in you is just too shy or uncomfortable ?

In the conscious asshole club, you learn and get feedback and coaching on :

-find your center
-what part of you is being an asshole ?
- how can you use being an asshole in a conscious way that serves you and other people.
-how to go to the edge of the good girl/boy in you
-how to put up a boundary to prevent un-conscious asshole to step over you when you "freeze"
- how to not "freeze"
-how to become Unhookable from other Asshols
- how to be a joyful, responsible asshole with the "balls" to take a stand and change something in the world.

# we gonna use Possibility management Context and Improvisational theatre tools and games

# onilne on zoom

#invastment for participation 10 Euros

for every session 



Man going (in) to (his) nature

We men meet in a walk in nature,
to find out our true nature.

--Sunday--1pm---10 min outside Ericeira-- OR ONLINE ON ZOOM DURING LOCKDOWN

meet with more conchies man in nature to :
- Connect with your body
-Create a circle of like-minded people
-Synchronize your life energies with its natural rhythm
-find out your role in life and your community
-rediscover your tribe
-learn to concisely feel
-get to solve, natural non-competitive challenge from being outside.
-create brotherhood to serve you on your quest in life.

investment for joining in :
a sliding scale of 10-15 euros.

meeting location :
in nature, 10 min outside Ericeira
final location disclosed to registered people.

how to get there :
we give rides to each other.
first 4 registered can join me in the car.
others will join other men.

time : 1:30-3 hours.

click to register 

Use your anger to Improvise !


Improvisational theater, dance & Anger work


check out Like or going

to The event on facebook-


last improv event (old)


- every Tuesday 8 Pm at "Olive3 yoga center", Ericeira Portugal

every second Wednesday on zoom 

link upon registration.

description : 

 Improve your improvisation so that..

-get your life energies back into your body
-get together with your trib
-how to go non-linear practice in different life situations
-connect to your feelings
-expand possibilities
-learn to set boundaries
-connect to your feminine/masculine
-have so much- fun !!

with Dor Sharabi and Sophia Magdalena Hofmann

Sophia Magdalena Hofmann

Website link : 

Investment :

a sliding scale of 10-15 euros per session (2 hours)​


send investment on pay pal

or mention that you plan to use cash

Register here :

(mention online or offline in the comments)

Past events

Work-talks on IG 

with Luis Trindade, Natalie Maayan Baruch, Joana cruz

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