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Emotional Healing Process

An 'Emotional Healing Process' is: 'A facilitated experience where Participants get a chance and want to Heal/transform an Emotion that got stuck and now is creating some sort of reactivity, lack of clarity, unseen challenge or an energetic blockage.


Emotional Healing Processes are gateways for us to lead forward in our unique journey in life; each process is potent for discovering a treasure behind it, for example, an old decision we made during a challenging moment in our lives, and forgot about, now a new decision can be made that will effect our life energy and the way the world relate to us, thus changing the result we are getting.

There are many different kinds of treasures like this to be found. The process is 100% safe because the participants are never required to do anything they don't want to; the process is solely conscious and doesn't involve any methods that might be perceived as irresponsible.

(No touch, no substances, no new age voodoo stuff.)

That's why the process is radically responsible, the participant (client) chooses to do it, when to stop or keep going, and more than all, cannot feel more than he is able to consciously feel at that moment. Every interaction with consciously feeling is a treasure by itself that even though not always seen immediately on the surface, brings us "gold" later on our journey.

The way it is Done

The healing process​ Includes us sitting and communicating with words. we pick a safe and quiet place for us to be. We go Loud if needed and express emotions.

If the session is online, the client finds a secure place, like his house or car, and connects through zoom.

A small note on the door, "I am doing a conscious theater practice, and im totally okay," can work on calming even noisy worried neighbors. 

The process starts with the Space holder (facilitator) asking the client, "What can I do for you today ?"
The client then describes the challenge/Problem she or he facing.

From there, anything is possible, usually, the next happenings are involved :

*Some time for feeling and navigating emotions and going deeper with them.*guidance to keep feeling and "not going to the head" too much.

*Space holder (facilitator) might give new tools and distinctions.
*Then, sometimes new decisions are made, energetic blocks are removed, or some pleasant emotional/ energetic shift accrues. 

**No analyzing or giving advice takes part; this is not psychology.

Clients usually Report an Improvement of the Emotional state they came with and, later on, a beneficial effect on their transformation journey.

DURATION:  A typical Emotional Healing Process will require from 30 to 120 minutes from start to finish.

INVESTMENT: sliding scale of between  80-150 euros

Videos of Emotional Healing PRocesses