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A Dream-Walk Quest is an adventure where we enter other dimensions of reality than what we are used to on our ordinary day.


We meet in nature and initiate a 20-minute active meditation in which we get to summon visions from our unknown.

These visions will come into play during the day as we walk together in nature and let synchronicity of events, meetings, and sightings to happen.


Letting things that come from our unknown, like Questions that we have about our path,

Images of people we never met and visuals of random things that pop into our minds at the moment of the meditation will trigger an avalanche of synchronicities that will affect our lives and get us back on track.

What is our track ? The path was tailored specially to us, with our special gifts and magic. a path that we forget to walk in or that we are sucked out of by modern culture and ordinary living.


The powerful art of Dream-walk summons the archetypal forces of the world to draw you back to your life quest. 

It is called Dream-Walk because it feels like you are walking in a dream. You're no longer serving the mundane routine or even the automated traveling mode you are in; YOU ARE ENTERING A DIMENSION OF SERVING YOUR BRIGHT PRINCIPLES.

When :

Wednesday 12-4 PM 


Where :

Meeting at Tzununa, next to Gaya Dance Tample. at 12 pm

Walking up to the waterfalls.

Enjoying swimming there.

Doing 20 minutes of visioning meditation.

Heading down the river. 

Returning to the village and exploring.

The closing circle is next to the lake. 

4 PM.

Investment : 

50 Q paid on the spot.


Send a message that you're committed to coming.

+972544876246 Telegram

IG; Doorway2possibility

Space holder: 

Dor Sharabi

-you get a high-level fun adventure

-being with a highly responsible team

-exploring nature around you

-interacting with people in a new way

-discovering your archetypal magic

-learn to Dream-walk and the possibility of transferring that to others

-Transform over your challenges.

Excited to meet you and hold space for this adventure together,



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