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Presented by Dor Sharabi

Dor : I have a lot of fear for holding space for such a training, 

The sea can be unpredictable; a lot is going on, and also a lot of emotions come up. 

I also feel joy because I don't see any more potent possibilities for someone to transform while activating their physical, emotional. energetic and intellectual bodies, then this one

In this training we will cover
Training details:

Possibility Surfing training can happen as a one-time session, or a 6 meeting program, for the participation decision. It combines the context of possibility management coaching, with the  Activity of surfing or learning surfing. 

During this time together, we will get to know each other, be in the water, maybe surf, maybe sit on the surfboard and talk, and we can learn new distinctions and possibilities about the challenges we want to overcome in life.


We schedule a meeting privately or in a little group.


Investment :

80 Euro per session (session is 2 hours from the time we meet)

+20 euro for renting the surfboard.


Registration  :

Fill the form below with your phone number and I will call you back.


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