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Path 5 : 

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an Adventure way

The path that is about your adventure

This path is taking the context of your life and turns it into a ship you can sail upon to your destiny.

It uses different technologies from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as well as Meta Paths. like a horse-drawn carriage This path carries you to wherever you want to go.

This path doesn't mix context, 

But picks up different contexts as needed for the 

user, and drops them before using another.

Some paths will work better for different instances in your life,

For example, severe energetic body imbalances might be worked out best with Yoga.

Building your circle might involve that direct path.

Emotional challenges might need the use of Emotional Healing Process that comes From Possibility Management.

For me, if I ever had a chance to let my spirit roam free, and use the most wind in the sails of my being, it is in this path.

The context is yours, the game is yours, life is yours, 

what are you going to do with it ?

If you are on the 5th path..



which path are you on ?

what are the struggles you have in it ? 

what is your next step ?

Can the 5th path be for you ?

This discovery call is about exploring together

Copy of Copy of has successfully completed The adventure path program, 2021 , with dor sha

The adventure path 

this is a 6 week, training in which you try to see what happens when you go on the 5th path.

How is this technology is going to work for you challenges and needs ?

what new distinctions can you learn, and what old distinctions can you burn ?

Coaches on the adventure way

Your next genertation of coaching





  • YouTube

Jennifer lived in the Jugles of the amazon with native tribal people, 

She hosts Women's circle, 

and Rage work.

If your adventure by nature, you will want to meet her and enjoy her wild free spirit. 


Dor sharabi

  • YouTube

Dor Has been working with possibility management for the last 4 years,

before that 7 years of Self-development, Yoga and meditation, Sadguru yoga, 

Different Martial arts, surfing,

Nature survival, 

Travelling abroad

Space holding, 

and so forth.

Engaged and fascinated still exploring the 5 paths as a solution to what not working in the path of the world and people that are willing towards evolution and better fixing the world, and raising the consciousness level for having a better life for everyone.


Johanna Marie

  • Facebook

Johanna is a world-class Pirate 

Traveling the world, experimenting with different contexts, and doing it like a conscious queen.

Except from the crazy inspiration you'll feel in her spirit right upon meeting her,

her possibilities and clarity are a great adventure.

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