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  • Phone, face to face or ZOOM , in a discovery call we explore together

    30 min

  • 20-30 min free call, to check possibility of working together

    30 min

  • I hold and navigate space for every problem

    1 hr 30 min

    Sliding scale 80-150
  • Dealing with stuck emotion/s from the past

    1 hr 30 min

    Sliding scale 80-150
  • * High-level fun * adventure *new possibilities and tools

    1 hr

    Custom price

Discovery Call

- A starting Dorway to know more about The Adventurer path, and 

Possibility management

-Getting to know each other

- What new possibilities are available for me in my life

place of meeting - outside: park, cafe, beach.

or inside: house, studio, ZOOM

time:  20-30 minutes

Investment : free session

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1 on 1 Possibility coaching session


* Getting tools to work on your 5 Bodies 

* Learning to Get Centered and Balanced

* Getting new possibilities for your life Challenges

*Connecting to your feelings, and getting a Healing process


in a single coaching session, the client comes with a problem she or he needs help with: it can be in any field: relationship, career, social circle, romantic, self-development, body, emotions, thoughts, energies.

and we go on a journey together to get new possibilities to work on that problem. "if there is a will there is a way" 

Usually, when a problem is tattooed in your mind for a long time you decided that there are no other options to deal with that problem. in the art of managing new possibilities I helped many people find a new way that is "winning happening" 

a win for them to solve the problem, a win for their environment when they feel better, and a win for my- for the honor to hold space and navigate it to a place where new possibilities are found.

place of coaching - outside: park, cafe, beach. or inside: house, studio, ZOOM



outdoor coaching adventure 


* High-level fun

* adventure

*new possibilities and tools

*4 body change

*Success experience

The invitation here is to do all kinds of wild activities, because we are getting a rare opportunity to work with all 4 bodies : 

physical body: we can go on a hike, trek, surfing session (I also teach )

cycling, longboarding, swimming, diving, nature survival, camping, HORSE RIDING, and so on.. 

at the same time, we can bring our other bodies to work

emotional body: feel the emotions that come up while on the adventure and play with them, until we have a successful experience in the new challenge, like surfing on the wave the first time. 

we gonna use this experience then in other fields we have challenges with

Intellectual body: use different methods and tools of thinking, to overcome the challenges we are facing at the adventure. It's not only if I decide to take the left path in the fork in the road, but it is also why I choose that, and how my mind works. getting feedback and coaching around that have changed my life and many other people that I work with.

Energetical body: this can be anything from using the elemental forces of nature to balance our main elements. or going deeper into energetical practices, we leave this one for more advanced people for now.

place of meeting - outside: beach, local hike, trek, road trip.

time:  half a day-day


Healing process


*new tools and distinctions

*using the power of my feelings

*solve stuck emotions problem

*wake up to a new reality

after many years of suffering my emotions, I realized there is a new way.

anger doesn't have to be a "bad thing" and also not: fear, sadness, or joy.

with these 4 feelings, we gonna work, and learn a new way to see feeling.

anger can serve me to make new decisions, to put a boundary, and to declare that I'm not taking shit anymore.

sadness can help me connect better to people, be more creative, and compassionate, 

and so forth...

the problem is when we were children we were not allowed usually to complete our feelings and a healthy way- by our teachers, parents, and other authority figures. 

those feelings got stuck as EMOTIONS, and now we can be angry for 3 days (instead of 3 min in the case of healthy feelings )

its time to heal those stuck emotions and release them, in a process that is super safe and friendly, that we go through together (*yes in possibility management the coach experience with you) 

the best thing is that after going through the healing process you can give it to other people, nothing is kept aside from you.

place of meeting - inside: house, studio, or a quite safe place.

time:  anything between 10 min to-2 hours 

Surfing- Yoga coaching


*Learn how to surf like a pro

*Learn to use your Energy power to overcome challenges

*Using yoga Ashanas as part of surfing

*learn meditation

*Tips in possibility management work before and

after going to the water

Yoga, Surfing, possibility management, and possibility coaching 

are closely parallel.

Using them together in a conches way can cause great success

in using them more efficiently, and "changing the game".

place of meeting:  Ericeira, Cascais, or other Portugal beaches

Beginner board would be rented in addition to the investment in the session

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6 weeks Inclusive self-evolution program


*completely new way of thinking

*conquering any problem

*new tools for success experience

*full support

for those who are ready to take BIGGER responsibility for their life- for results, wants, needs, dreams, mission, nature, surroundings, and people. 

this program is guaranteed to create massive change as a snowball effect in one's life.

I've done this program with people that: found the relationship they long for years, found the courage to change and move out of their parents house abroad, conquered their fears from talking and meeting new people, quite collage to find their dream job .. and more and more crazy examples of this program setting you in the direction you secretly wish that you were on.

In this program you get all the tools and distinctions you need, to make it yourself. and celebrate the glory of creating a winning in your own life. (really I seeing people cry cause they cant thank themselves enough)

also, you get full support every time you need to in those 6 weeks to get the best results from this program.

place of coaching - outside: park, caffe, beach. or inside : house, studio, ZOOM

time:  1-2 meetings a week

+home missions, and online meetings in between

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