in the workshop were experiencing the tools of self- development and possibility management that ARE PERFECT to create a real change in our lives,  we are using: games, distinctions, energies, and heart to create the magic!


guided tours

some guided tours to special places were made in the name of Self-development.

Special places like Qumran Dead-Sea scrolls location cave, 

Dead-sea beach, Masada, and more,

if you have special places like this to offer us, anywhere in the world please contact us.


Inner-game course (HE)

Inner-game online is an online life-changing 10 tools course. where you can watch me demonstrate every tool, in  live adventures 

in cool places.

just play.jpg

Festival workshops

At times there were still festivals, we did workshops in them, which meant a lot of fun, growth, and rapid learning!

something in our hearts opens up more in festivals and makes us more willing to receive the tools for the path of evolution, 

isn't that so? 


Team meetings

Whether it is a YOGA circle, Man circle, self-development team, or any other form of teams. we sit together, creating a context for the next culture of people on this planet


Online meditation course (HE)

In this online meditation course, I tried to bring to the viewer the experience of the journey with meditation that I had, after meditation came into my life 8 years ago, I tried many things, and I know there is a lot of miscommunication around meditation, that came all the way from the east to the west, that this 3 part meditation course is taking you back to the source in a surprising way.

you learn everything you need to know, from sitting and writing posture, to another questions, thinking or no thinking.

סדנת מדיטציה און ליין תמונה.jpg

My training

Sadhguru grace

My amazing Guru changed my life, out of sheer compassion, not asking anything in return, other than the evolution of mankind.

I met him first on youtube, he popped up when I was watching a self-development video. 

at first, i was unconvinced, to say the least, but something in his look drew me in.. his wild presence and untamed life.

I started doing his online meditation for 1-2 years, then went to the "INNER-ENGINEERING" 4 days meditation course, in Australia, then met him in "really for rivers" 

race he organized and stood 10 meters next to him (in the pic) 

then after 2 years of practicing this meditation, flew to India to his ashram for an advance workshop. then did his Hata Yoga course in Israel. today 5 years later I'm still in his grace every day.🙏

תמונה עם sadhguru.jpg


Meeting some of the Top Self development mentors in the world definitely left me speechless at times,  some of them are Tony Robins, Kane, and Alessia Minkus, Julian Blanc, and more.


Possibility management ETB and Labs

I discovered possibility management 2 years ago in a workshop at the BOOM festival,

two years of slowly unveiling this amazing group of people, then attending to this life-changing event, took place in Portugal 2020, in this Expand The Box training, I learned about so many sides of me, that I wasn't aware of. practicing intense tools, and healing process. definitely the latest cutting edge technology in everything that comes out of self-development.

PLab Group Photo.jpg

Possibility management TRAINER PATH

At the Portugal Trainer Path of possibility management lies a group of determined, radical responsible, loving people. who choose to take a stand for next culture evolution, and the wellbeing of their environment, I'm proud to be among this amazing group of people, in the never-ending trainer path journey