This is a possibility for you to get to know something completely different...

my name Is dor, and I am a possibility coach.

I work together with a team of coaches we call it a "coach-in circle" . 
we give workshops, 1:1 sessions, and guidance to conscious communities 

our team is a part of a global "game world" called "possibility management".

possibility managers from all around the world are responsible for creating spaces where next- culture can thrive. 


a new generation of coaching

My name Is Dor and I am part of a "Coach-in circle" Which is a new way of bringing you the best and most updated "technology" of coaching as a team.

I "Hold Space" for workshops, 1:1 sessions, and working with groups and communities, to give them the "Edge" of what is possible for us, in terms of :

Clarity, Connection, Adventure, Initiation, and Love.


If you are interested in knowing more about my path click here " "An adventure way" and the "5 paths"