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4 Paths : 

Paths to the beyond

some of these Archetypal paths are, Sadhguru's yoga, , Jewish culture, like the Hasidic movement

Sufi, Zen Buddhism, and other paths that have been describing the archetypal body in detail and encouraging it to go on the path of activating it.

each of them composed of different paradigms, distinctions, and ways of reaching ecstatic profound existence or an extraordinary perception of reality. 

these paths are infinitely different from each other and at the same time surprisingly synchronistic by nature, as they often emerge from similar principles in the context of the game world, for example, similar bright principles and intentions towards the world and surroundings.

The common context is very important and carries on to the 5th path- the context of radical responsibility.

if you look carefully at each of these paths, the "path taker" needs to take care of his 5 bodies in a radical responsible way.

Also, "the path taker" needs to take care of his surroundings, natural environment, planet, tribe, community, and social circles, in the same way.

with so much work, usually, the path taker needs to have in his service, forces that are beyond, his understanding.

These forces can be described as higher forces, mystical forces, Archetypal forces, and so on..

seems like some bright principles come into play in a more dominant way in each different path

for example Union in yoga.

Acceptance in the Jewish Hasidic 

In others, compassion, love, community, clarity, transformation, and so on.


The Adventure way is emergent of the bright principle of Adventure, and is watered by the spirit of this 4 paths

If you are on one of the 4th paths, here are some possibilities for you.


which path are you on ?

what are the struggles you have in it ? 

what is your next step ?

Copy of Copy of has successfully completed The adventure path program, 2021 , with dor sha

The adventure path 

this is a 6 week, training in which you try to see what happens when you go on the 5th path.

How is this technology is going to work for you challenges and needs ?

what new distinctions can you learn, and what old distinctions can you burn ?

Teachers  and Space holders on the 4th path

Hard to say I would have come so far without them

and cannot forget to mention them with a big sense of gratitude, space-holder on the 4th path.



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My guru and teacher, I learned so much from, i couldn't say I was here today without him.

he launched me on the 4th path because his extended vision of yoga is already brought yoga to be the 4th path. thank you dear sadhguru.

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Osho made me fall in love with him, and fall in love with his beautiful path, with many books, and discourses, he manage to deliver a special unique experience of life, like the blossoming of a precious flower.


Rabbi Manis Friedman

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Manis Friedman is a Hassid, rabbi, author, social philosopher and public speaker. He is also the dean of the Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies. Friedman authored Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore?, which was published in 1990 and is currently in its fourth printing. Wikipedia

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