My name is Dor sharabi
I am a Possibility Manager
an Adventurer, and a coach
for people to bring in next-culture together


Today i am taking a stand for
Possibility management Israel
by holding space for workshops, events and
evolutionary process for individuals and groups 

My bright principles are Clarity, Love, Connection, Possibility, and Adventure 

I was born in the land called Israel, in the city of Jerusalem, and grew up in a very beautiful Kibbutz by the dead-sea, which is an oasis in the middle of the Judea desert.

My Kibbutz was all green, I could walk barefoot anywhere on the hot trails. I was surrounded by agricultural lands and mesmerizing Deserty landscape.
The lifestyle in the Kibbutz was without any money exchanges, no hierarchy, everything is shared and the people are nice.

Later on in life, I served in the IDF for 3 years, traveled the world (especially the Americas), studied Business, Geography, and Sustainable Development at the University.
And until that point, I have been living a classic modern culture Israeli lifestyle.


Like many others in the modern world, I had everything I wanted and needed, yet still, I felt unfulfilled and depressed. 
I tried many tools and methods (psychological therapy, anti-depression pills, met with a coacher, and so on...) but nothing really made any significant change for me.
When the more appropriate tools didn’t help, I began to try new ways to escape from the depression I was caught in. partying a lot, smoking, drinking, consuming different drugs, having a girlfriend, buying useless stuff, none of those seemed to help, and instead, it left me more confused and damaged.


I had all these big questions about life that weren't being answered.

I was basically in this victim mode until I discovered "Self-development".

I discovered it online, on youtube, by mistake.

I watched this American self-development coach  'Noah Hammond Tyrrell' videos.

every video dropped another life-changing insight for me, I just couldn't believe it.

I bought his online program and it changed my life.


I realized that I can take my life into my own hands, and not be a victim of the circumstances that led me to that point.

I gained tools to deal with any situation I faced, in any field of life, and it pushed me to learn more and to discover more tools that could help me and others

In the following 10 years, I met some of the world’s top self-development mentors, from different backgrounds and who have different approaches. That includes one of the world's known teachers and yogis- Sadhguru, who became my guru.

Since I started to train and work with people, I've been privileged to see people going through very fast and almost crazy life transformations. (Which sometimes left me “jealous” for the long path I had to go through (; )


I’m grateful for all the things I went through, which led me to where I am today- on a constant growth path as a possibility manager while progressing every day in the path of Yoga as taught by Sadhguru.

Today Im working to Create the conches community around me.

creating teams, and working with people 1:1 

to supply them with the "food" they need for growth and evolution.

I live in Beautiful Portugal, and inviting you to join me and be part of this adventure!




That Possibility  coaching comes from



For more than 40 years the originators of Possibility Management have passionately shared open-code tools and distinctions that bring people into greater coherence.

Today a worldwide community of trainers works tirelessly and highly inspired together to implement the shared vision of a global shift

learn more at :


Join the team
( yes ! you )

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If you want to join the team And do something about the world we live in, the environment, people that are in search of help, guidance, and transformation.

you are more than welcome.

1. you can join as a builder- someone who works on the ecosystem of this work. 

either as a Designer, a Video-maker, Social media manager, an editor, a people gatherer, an event creator,

or any other work you can think of.

2. as a self-development coach - you're joining the 'coaching circle ' 

which is a non-linear path to becoming a self-development coach.

it starts after you have all the basics done, so a good first step is to ask someone for feedback on where I'm at, in my self-development journey.

if you are there, doesn't matter from what path did you come from ( YOGA/Dancing/ sells/ or classic self-development)

you can join them in 'coaching circle that includes, meetings, producing content together,

and sharing our authentic message to the world.

3. as a self-developer which means your or on the self-development path

and still, part of the tribe because you want to the more responsibility for your 

development, and want the support on help, a closer circle interaction 

can give you.

4. as a possibility manager, if the game-world of Possibility management is more interesting for

at the moment there are many ways to start playing in this game-world.

In any case shoot us a mail with what you choose, or want.