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what could BREACH through the barrier

and work for us to EVOLVE and TRANSFORM our LIFE

in a meaningful way ???

inclusive posibility גמור.png

it might take an   

change in our 5 BODIES

1.Physical body

2.Intellectual body

3.Emotional body

4.Energetic body

5. Archetypal body


Physical body

we learn to 

balance the 5 elements of our body

connect to nature 

free compulsions

 be: light, fast, easy.

Surfing, hiking, Yoga, martial arts

Emotional body

 we Discover the power of

conscious feeling

and make feelings- work for us.

with the new map of feelings we become :

powerful, responsible, connected 


Possibility management

Intellectual body

 we create strategies

to move the "mind" into our team.

so it's like a loyal horse taking

us through the challenges of life 

to a land where it's peaceful

and quite.

Self-development, Possibility 


Energetic body

we synchronize our 

Life- energies with our true nature

becoming ecstatically 

happy like a kid on his new

bicycle having smooth 


YOGA, Possibility managment

archetypal body

We discover our life calling

and what we are here

to take a stand for.

Possibility management

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