Personal Coaching Services
Personal Coaching Services
about me

Hello, my name is Dor,
And I am an adventuring coach, a Next-culture Space-holder, and a transformation Pirate.

When I meet someone with the utmost desire to go on a wild-life-quest, I connect
Them with great people, Thought-maps, Emotional healing processes, spaces of transformation, and the Next-culture village,
They can use for the road.

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Whatever you are creating ... you might need a team

Personal Coaching Services

Healing process

The emotional healing processes are a way to take

adult responsibility for

our stuck emotions from the past.

we go through them in a 100% conscious way, mostly by feeling and talking, 

navigating together.

Usually end up changing the story behind the stuck emotions, removing energetic blocks, or making new decisions.


Next Culture

Next-Culture Coaching is a chance to evolve to the next level of our being.

It seems like a wild and dangerous territory which prevents a lot of people from experimenting with it,

but its actually quite a warm, tender, and loving space to be in,

One that some clients just wouldn't want to leave (the room 😉).

Personal Coaching Services

" I can only show you the door.
You're the one that has to walk through it." 
-the Matrix

Personal Coaching Services

Join "Possibility Pirates"


Possibility team 

Is our way of supporting each other by giving possibilities, holding space, and learning together.

Possibility pirates is and online group you can apply to join in the link below


Instead of traveling and trying to figure everything out alone, you can join a community that travels together, takes a stand for a sustainable thriving lifestyle, and creates spaces of transformation wherever she goes.

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5 body improv workshop
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Possibility management study group
Improv you anger workshop
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Personal Coaching Services

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Personal Coaching Services
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להעיר את הכעס המודע שלך 

כעס מודע הוא ה-דלק שחיפשנו להתניע את התהליכים בחיים שלנו שקשורים במה שבאמת אכפת לנו ממנו באמת.

כעס מודע הוא רגש טבעי וטהור שנועד לשרת אותנו מילדות ודרך בגרות למצוא את האוטנתיות שלנו ולקחת עמדה על הדרך שלנו.

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Rage Clubs are an extremely safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect with the power and intelligence of your conscious Anger

stay connected

Personal Coaching Services

Stories and recommendations along the path

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Get into the water with a surfing lesson

get out of the water with emotional clarity 

 is an adventurous transformative program that includes people from all over the world Landing in the land called Israel, Exploring outside the beaten path- epic coasts, camping on the beach and celebrating life by bringing our hearts back to the safe coast of our inner being.

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"Directing the power of conscious feelings" Workshop, at 'Meever la Nof' Festival' Israel. Testimonial

Click on the picture to see the Video recommendation


personal development coach Lisbon
possibility surfing  
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