Quick steps into your life Legends

Training to manage your life possibilities

what could BREACH through the barrier

and work for us to EVOLVE and TRANSFORM our LIFE

in a meaningful way ???

it might take an   

change in our 5 BODIES

1.Physical body

2.Intellectual body

3.Emotional body

4.Energetic body

5. Archetypal body


Physical body

we learn to 

balance the 5 elements of our body

connect to nature 

free compulsions

 be: light, fast, easy.

Surfing, hiking, Yoga, martial arts

Emotional body

 we Discover the power of

conscious feeling

and make feelings- work for us.

with the new map of feelings we become :

powerful, responsible, connected 


Possibility management

Intellectual body

 we create strategies

to move the "mind" into our team.

so it's like a loyal horse taking

us through the challenges of life 

to a land where it's peaceful

and quite.

Self-development, Possibility 


Energetic body

we synchronize our 

Life- energies with our true nature

becoming ecstatically 

happy like a kid on his new

bicycle having smooth 


YOGA, Possibility managment

archetypal body

We discover our life calling

and what we are here

to take a stand for.

Possibility management

" I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it." 

-the Matrix

    About me  

My name Is Dor Sharabi,

I am a possibility management trainer.

through my practice as a Self- Development Coach for the past 4 years I have witnessed that a change in the mind of my clients was not sustainable enough.

So I went back to the drawing board and gathered my resources combined with the things I love:



and integrated them into

the practice of coaching

together with the power of creating possibilities and deep emotional processes.

As a trainer in Possibility Management

I found this amazing doorway to  

transform one's life

into a legendary adventurous dream,

for real! 

From a little bullied kid in a small village in Israel to a world traveler,

adventurer and possibility Coach... read more


All services are both online and off-line




A life changing meeting

in which you get :

- Clarity on your options

-  tools to deal with any challenge

-possibilities to get un-stuck

-permanent motivation systems

 -Sense of being at your center and grounded

- Step by step system to step in your life mission


Next culture -healing process

Session that I seen trasnforme people lifes energie for a healing breakthrough

- Taking your conchess power of feeling back

-get clarity on major events in your life that impose their results on you today

-since of "relief and change for good"

- since of blossoming in your energies 




Surfing -yoga class

(Experimental )

After 14 years of Yoga 

practicing different methods

attaining programs with world's most beloved Guru "Sadhuru", and SURFING.

Im comfortable to reveal 

to you a special way I found to incorporate Yoga in your Surfing. from basic Asanas

to meditation while waiting for the wave

Entrepreneurs accountability coach

You have this BIG IDEA to quite

your Corporate JOB

and start your Dream Business.

I claim that in your brain

you have all the things you need to know to succeed.

all you need is someone

to walk there with you.

with the fears

with the challenges

with the commitment

and with never-ending 


Welcome to a world

where u save money on using mentors and partners

and stay committed.

Discovery Session

ZOOM (20-30 min)

What are you looking for? Will my services benefit you? Let's connect and see. This 30 minute session is free of charge to you.


6 Week Self-Evolution

Inclusive Program

Ready to take responsibility for your


this program is for thos of you that want to get there fast !

with lots of hard work and high-level fun experiences. 

winning happening is outside the door ! 


Out-Door Coaching  Adventure (1d/weekend)

 Are you ready for some HIGH-LEVEL 

FUN? We are going to grab our SURFBOARDS or HIKING SHOES 

and go to nature and 

create legendary memories. 


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subscribe to my 'Adventure Insight '
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that will change your life!
1.Discover which element you are AKA:
fire, water, air, or earth
2. Learn how to balance this element inside you forever 
Game of thrones Self-development ANALYSIS
1.Find out which character is you!
(has a similar box survival strategy )
2. get a GOT tribute to the character you are 
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Healing process testimonial


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