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This is a personal site for 

Dor sharabi, Possibility manager, Adventurer, Coach

if you want to coach 
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Healing process

2. Emotional Healing process -
when we have a difficult time enjoying our present moment,
there might be a stuck emotion from the past that is a doorway to find a great treasure for our lives.


Possibilirty coaching

1. Possibility coaching -
giving you new possibilities and tools for your challenges that give you better results and bring you closer 
to your next step.    

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Possibility team


Possibility team 

is a great way to make sure your own process and growth are in the hands of your brothers and sisters, that hold you on your Journey together




Join A Nano-nation

and be part of Next-culture.

 you can be nomadic and live anywhere in the world 

and be part of a Radical 

Responsible community, 

that is going to be there with you on the journey to your next step in evolution

" I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it." 
-the Matrix

Friends in mexico
5 body improv workshop
archetypal warrior workshop
Possibility management study group
Improv you anger workshop

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Unhookable training 

 Unhookable training - Wednesdays
September - October 2021.

Coming back after popular demand for the 2nd round of This program.

Here we practice with high-level fun Improvisational theater experiments at becoming unhookable and a conscious a$$hole.

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more info coming up soon..

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Walk into the next step in your life,

Change the things that make

you angry in the world,

and taking a stand for what you are

here to take a stand for- 

there is Fun, Adventure, tools to help you,

circle of friends, and community, that 

waiting to make it the best journey for you,

I am here to open the door for those possibilities


6-week program of weekly meetings


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Advanturer path program recomendation 

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Stories from travelers along the path

6- week progrem