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Personal Coaching Services
Personal Coaching Services
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About Doorway2possibility

Hello, my name is Dor,
And I am an Adventure producer,
When I meet someone with the utmost desire to go on a wild-life-quest, I connect
Them with the great people, Thought maps, Emotional healing processes, Tools of transformation, and the Next-culture Nomadic village,
They can use for the road.

personal development coach Lisbon

OUR coach-In-circle Team 



I work together with a team of coaches, "coach-in circle".  we give workshops, 1:1 sessions, and training to conscious communities 

Everyone in the world is a coach

Everyone in the world needs a coach

will you take the role of living the true potential that you are?

In this team, each coach has his own adventure and own way of coaching. being a coach is a path and not a finished product. we are always on the path of coaching

Personal Coaching Services

Do you have a team for what your creating ?

Personal Coaching Services
Personal Coaching Services

Healing process

The emotional healing processes are a way to take

adult responsibility for

our stuck emotions from the past.

we go through them in a 100% conscious way, mostly by feeling and talking, 

navigating together.

Usually end up changing the story behind the stuck emotions, removing energetic blocks, or making new decisions.


Possibility coaching

Possibility coaching is different from any other type of coaching.

It really goes for the emotional body and not the intellect.

people that finish that reports: being able to use their feeling to put boundaries, get unstuck, and use their fear to navigate relationships to extraordinary levels 

Personal Coaching Services

" I can only show you the door.
You're the one that has to walk through it." 
-the Matrix

Personal Coaching Services

Possibility" team 


Possibility team 

Is our way of supporting each other by giving possibilities, holding space, and learning together.

Pirates of possibility is a team like that, that you can join.


Nomadica is a purpose-oriented group designed to sustain nomadic and Village life style for adventures that travel around the world together, and change the world in some way

Friends in mexico
5 body improv workshop
archetypal warrior workshop
Possibility management study group
Improv you anger workshop
Personal Coaching Services

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dor@doorway2possibility.com  /  Tel. +972544876246/ whatsapp

/Asherman 35 st Tel aviv

Personal Coaching Services

Join the adventure! 

This June we be traveling around the Netherlands and holding space for workshops,

you can join a workshop,

a roadtrip

or just come meet us for coffee

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Rage Clubs are an extremely safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect with the power and intelligence of your conscious Anger

stay connected

Personal Coaching Services

Stories and recommendations along the path


Walk into the next step in your life,

Change the things that make

you angry in the world,

and taking a stand for what you are

here to take a stand for- 

there is Fun, Adventure, tools to help you,

circle of friends, and community, that 

waiting to make it the best journey for you,

I am here to open the door for those possibilities


6-week program of weekly meetings


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"Directing the power of conscious feelings" Workshop, at 'Meever la Nof' Festival' Israel. Testimonial

Click on the picture to see the Video recommendation


personal development coach Lisbon
6- week progrem
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